TSD and Clutch Technologies Announce Strategic Alliance

TSD (tsdweb.com) and Clutch Technologies (driveclutch.com) have announced a strategic alliance to bring together TSD’s fleet management solutions and Clutch’s leading automotive subscription and consumer mobility platform.  The alliance will enable interoperability between the companies’ technology platforms and will create a wide range of capabilities for the automotive industry.


“Together we will offer best-in-class solutions such as pick-up and delivery and telematics-enabled fleet management that forward-thinking OEMs and dealers are seeking,” said Shawn Concannon, Executive Vice President at TSD.


Dealers and OEMs, many of whom are customers of both TSD and Clutch, are actively evolving loaner fleets into “mobility fleets” to provide consumers with convenient and flexible access to vehicles. Through the integration of TSD’s automotive loaner management platform and Clutch’s mobility platform, the automotive industry will now be able to:


  • Provide “Pick-up and Delivery” capabilities using service loaners coordinated via intelligent workflow and scheduling tools.
  • Provision telematics services for service loaners to enable real-time fleet status and recovery of fuel and toll charges.
  • Integrate service loaner vehicles into consumer mobility programs including subscription, rental and other offerings.


“Technology is enabling new ways for the automotive industry to provide vehicle access and experiences to consumers,” said Vince Zappa, President of Clutch. “Together with TSD, we will enable better retail and service experiences, new operational capabilities, and unlock opportunities for dealers to monetize service loaner fleets in mobility.”

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