Founded in 1983, TSD develops and delivers industry-leading rental and loaner fleet management solutions to independent and franchise rental companies, dealerships, auto manufacturers and public auto groups worldwide. TSD is the industry’s leading SaaS Company and a global leader in the fleet management industry. With more than 250 years of combined fleet management experience, we are committed to bringing innovation, technology and quality to the temporary transportation market.

TSD’s live, in-house support team is staffed with experienced professionals who are experts in our products and strive for the highest standards of customer service. Our web-based fleet management solutions are supported with round-the-clock backup and support, ensuring your company experiences maximum uptime and peace of mind.


Today, TSD is the premier provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) online car rental software and loaner management software. Our thousands of customers benefit from protected data and operations with our secure, virtualized servers, our innovative development team and our dedicated support team.

Leading You to Success

  • Shawn Concannon

    Executive Vice President

    Shawn Concannon

    Executive Vice President, Shawn joined TSD in 2007.  With more than 20 years of car rental and dealership experience, Shawn is responsible for TSD’s global positioning and growth strategies across all of our SaaS solutions while maximizing our company’s operational effectiveness in the marketplace.  Driving new business towards our proven solutions and maintaining strong partnerships with current business is what Shawn lives by. Prior to TSD, Shawn had worked for Enterprise Rent-a-Car for more than 10 years.  He holds a BS degree in Operations Management from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.
  • Jeff Griffin

    Vice President of IT

    Jeff Griffin

    Vice President of IT, Jeff joined TSD in 2015. Jeff has more than 25 years of experience in the Information Technology field and working in a wide range of industries. He is responsible for TSD’s SaaS solutions operational infrastructure as well as the design and execution of our global IT strategy and ensuring that it aligns with and supports our strategic business objectives. Jeff is passionate about maximizing performance, reliability, security, and scalability across TSD’s portfolio of products. Prior to TSD, Jeff served as the VP of IT for Radius. There he established the IT infrastructure and implemented the company’s IT strategy which enabled multinational expansion across 7 countries.
  • John Hayward

    Vice President of Development

    John Hayward

    Vice President of Development, John joined TSD in 2015. With more than 20 years of software development experience, he is responsible for driving TSD’s global product and engineering teams across our SaaS solutions while pushing our company’s architecture and technical designs into the future. Driving better and faster solutions that leverage modern and proven architectures that match our customers’ needs is what John lives by. Prior to TSD, John worked for Monster Worldwide for more than 10 years. He holds a BS degree in Computer Science from Hofstra University.
  • Bill Drury

    Director of Information Security

    Bill Drury

    Director of Information Security, Bill joined TSD in 2007.  With more than 30 years of experience in the software development industry, Bill leads a team of project managers and is responsible for supporting client driven projects across functional areas, including Product Development, IT and Operations as well as driving and managing TSD’s products for our clients and partners. Prior to TSD, Bill worked for organizations where he held positions of software development manager, project manager, product manager and program manager on large scale software development efforts in the disciplines of voice recognition, telephony, wireless security protocols, electronic toll and violation management.
  • Xavier Trevisani

    Principal Software Engineer

    Xavier Trevisani

    Principal Software Engineer at TSD, Xavier joined TSD in 2005. With an extensive knowledge of software architecture, Xavier manages TSD’s Development Team by driving technical decisions and implementations to advance the product vision of our fleet management solutions. Xavier leads and manages the development and customization of our software globally and coordinates strategies to ensure the technologies are interconnected and product lines are working smoothly. In our fast-paced dynamic environment, Xavier’s team helps to drive the evolution of software development and technology. Xavier is fluent in French and Spanish and holds a BS in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.


At TSD, we design and deliver the most innovative software solutions that provide our clients with the products and technology needed to manage and grow their businesses. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and reliability to our clients worldwide.