Car Rental Software & Dealership Software

Our team designs and develops fleet mobility solutions for dealerships, automotive manufacturers, automotive groups, and car rental companies worldwide. TSD’s car rental software and loaner car software powers over 16K automotive businesses today.


Rental & Loaner Software

TSD designs and develops fleet mobility solutions for dealerships, auto manufacturers, auto groups, and car rental companies worldwide. 

Our car rental software and loaner car software powers over 16K automotive businesses today.

Car Rental

TSD provides industry leading car rental fleet and reservation management solutions in more than 100 countries globally.

Today, thousands of car rental companies worldwide trust our innovative and intuitive solutions to run their rental car businesses.


Real-time reservation solution for managing rates.  Process reservations from your website, GDS, OTA, and other channels.

– Telematics hub for fleet tracking.

– Credit card processing for charging.

– Integrated toll recovery for costs.

– Back office accounting interfaces for operations.

Mobile app allows your business to function remotely, offers a contactless experience, and enables sales at the car instead of at the counter.

Unlock the Power of Connectivity. Productivity. Mobility.

Driver’s license scanning, e-signature capture, and QR code/ barcode functionalities.

Instant location data on the units in your fleet and the ability to set up geo-fencing features.

Touchless options such as pickup and delivery and contactless agreements. Allow your customer to pick out a vehicle from their phone.


TSD supports dealerships nationwide through our fast and user-friendly fleet management app designed for fleets of all sizes.

Enable our telematics and tolling solutions to recoup lost revenue and improve profits daily.

Automate Streamline Improve Your Fleet Operation.


TSD specializes in supporting OEM mobility platforms.

From courtesy car programs to traditional rental car programs, we provide an end-to-end solution to help OEMs effectively manage their fleet and dealers.

A full web suite of reports and dashboards to support mobility programs.

Bi-directional data feeds, specific rule reporting, and integrated solutions to support corporate needs.

Increase CSI, improve utilization, reduce liability, and lower length of loan.

Ensure Consistency Efficiency Transparency Across Stores.

Dashboard view of all dealers with direct access to each dealership.

Metrics ranging from length of loan, utilization, and revenue per unit to collection of ancillary expenses.

Export data quickly or utilize our open APIs.

Auto Groups

TSD gives auto groups the ability to examine their fleet operation from a simple, yet comprehensive platform. 

No matter the number of rooftops or brands your team manages, you can see the health of multiple fleets with just a click.