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Driver’s License Scanning

Scan your customer’s driver’s license in seconds. Your customer’s information will auto populate into the new agreement, which saves you valuable time. 

Insurance Card Capture

Snap a picture of your customer’s insurance card with your mobile phone or tablet to reduce your liability in case of damages. Protect your business from bad renters and securely store customer information.

Credit Card Processing

Charge customers for fuel charges, toll charges, extra days, and other incidentals right in the drive. Our team works with multiple credit card processors!

Vehicle Damage / Inspection

Record all damage from minor scratches to serious accidents. Take pictures with your mobile device and add notes to hold your customer accountable for their actions.

TSD's Top Features

  • Fuel Expense Recoupment
  • Toll Violation Management
  • Real-time GPS Tracking
  • Geofencing & Notifications
  • Direct Connect Telematics
  • Contactless Agreements
  • Digital Signatures
  • Reservation Management
  • Rate Management
  • Corporate Accounts Module
  • Mobility Fleet Management
  • Custom Fleet Reports
  • Pickup / Delivery
  • Split Billing Options
  • Email & Texting Alerts
  • Insurance Rentals Integration

Discover TSD Connect


Telematics Benefits

Enable telematics capabilities to see the GPS location of your fleet along with fuel and mileage data. Set up geo-fences to establish boundaries. Direct connect integrations now available!
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Fuel Connect Benefits

Recoup fuel costs with precision. Quickly and accurately charge your customer for the exact amount of fuel used to prevent disputes and control costs.
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Toll Connect Benefits

Automate tolls and violations to reduce time spent manually looking up fees. Process the renter’s credit card and provide an instant e-receipt.
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Cost Savings with TSD

$ 0
Average Collected Monthly for Fuel
$ 0
Average Collected Monthly for Tolls

Save Money

TSD's OEM Agreements

TSD has 17 national OEM agreements.  Our strategic relationships with the largest industry leaders benefits you financially. Ask your TSD representative about current exclusive offers between TSD and your manufacturer.

Spend Less

TSD's Auto Group Offers

Our team works with the top ten auto groups in North America and countless others. Request a demo of our Corporate Access Portal and learn about opportunities associated with your group.  We scale our software solutions to your particular needs.

Recoup Costs

TSD's Easy Integrations

With over 300 integrations, we can help you recoup costs from fuel, tolls, and damage. Our integrations pay for themselves. Talk with your account manager about ways to control costs and get the most value from your TSD platform.

Safe and Convenient

The Contactless Experience

Securely send your customer an email or text message with their agreement. Allow the customer to sign from their phone for a safe and convenient experience.

Quick and Connected

Delivery / Pickup and Collection

Bring your service or sales test drives directly to your customer. Ensure a 100% mobile, digital transaction. Your customer can submit their information, select a vehicle, and more!


TSD’s built to handle the multi-use scenarios found in today’s industry. With our intuitive solution, you can quickly and easily manage your entire fleet. Explore new revenue opportunities from subscription to retail rental. TSD helps you achieve maximum utilization.



Digital loaner and courtesy car management.

Loaner Car


Mobile-enabled retail rental options.

Rental Car


Real-time driver and shuttle management.



Extended test drives with contactless agreements.

Test Drive


Hourly contactless experiences.

Car Share


Seamless integration with Clutch Technologies.



Enhanced experience from the customer’s home.

Delivery & Collection


Direct integration to insurance companies.

Insurance Rental

Performance Management

From global roll-outs to single location consultations, TSD’s Performance Management team has extensive experience in the industry.  We’re ready to help you succeed.


Onsite Consulting

Building Your Success Plan

Monitoring Progress


I have used TSD for years with different manufacturers (Toyota, VW and Subaru). Mark was the first TSD employee I have ever met and I’m really glad I did. I think he helped me and my team a great deal in improving how we manager our loaner process. Thanks!