Credit Card Processing

Quickly and securely charge customers for fuel, tolls, extra days, and other incidentals directly from TSD’s platform.  Our team must activate credit card processing before you can accept credit cards. Credit card processing is free to setup!  To begin the process, we will help you pick a credit card processor based on your TSD product. 


* Credit card processors availability is based on the TSD product selected.

What is EMV?

EMV is a technical standard for smart payment cards. EMV cards (also known as chip cards) store their data on integrated circuits in addition to magnetic stripes. With the rise of EMV chips as the new global standard, it’s imperative that your business is able to safely charge custom credit cards.  

Top 4 Benefits of EMV


Avoid fraud, liability and chargeback losses. Without EMV, the merchant is liable for all potential chargebacks.


Provide your customers with peace of mind. A chip and pin process shows clients your transactions are secure.


Encourage a seamless and positive customer experience. Your customer can be in their rental vehicle in just a few moments.


Join the EMV mainstream today!  The vast majority of your customers already have chip technology. 

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