Delivery & Collection

Bring Your Dealership To Their Driveway

Your customer wants safe and convenient service!

Fortunately, your dealership offers delivery and collection.

Delivering vehicles is easy using our telematics!

Simply email or text the customer their agreement so they can sign.

Bring your customer's vehicle right to their driveway.

Congrats! You've completed your delivery!

Frequently Asked Questions 

By offering delivery and collection options, your dealership increases repeat business, improves CSI, reduces wait times at your physical location, builds OEM brand loyalty, and minimizes unnecessary face-to-face interactions.

Implementing delivery and collection is much easier and quicker than what you’d think. 


Yes, you can create policies such as a ten mile radius to ensure your employees don’t have to travel too far.  Our telematics options can help you set geo-fence boundaries.


Our intuitive app allows you to filter between collections/ deliveries and signed/pending agreements.  If you’d like a TSD representative to walk you through the process, please schedule time here: