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Download either the TSD RENTAL or TSD DEALER app to create a completely mobile and contactless experience.  Expedite everyday activities at your operation. Open an agreement in 60-seconds and gain back valuable time!

Frequently Asked Questions 

TSD DEALER and TSD RENTAL are separate mobile app solutions. If you’re uncertain which is best for your business, our team is happy to talk with you. Please schedule a call here. Whether you’re a dealership looking to boost your bottom line using rentals or an innovative rental company pushing traditional boundaries, we’ll make sure you have the right loaner car software or dealership software.

TSD DEALER (formerly known as Cirro) was rebranded to better unify our entire product suite: TSD DEALER, TSD RENTAL, TSD REZ and TSD GATEWAY.  The rebrand of TSD DEALER has also ushered in exciting contactless features, delivery/collection capabilities, and more! 

TSD supports both tablet and smart phone options. Many of our customers prefer using a tablet because it’s easier to see contracts and such on a larger screen.  Mobile phones can help reduce upfront costs, if your team does not have tablets already available. We can provide a demo on either an iPhone or iPad so you can see the difference.



Change doesn’t have to be difficult! Once you ditch your desktop, you won’t want to go back.  Here are a few reasons to consider moving to a mobile operation:


+ Freely move around rather having to rush back to a clunky desktop.

+ Check vehicles in and out without customers needing to wait.

+ Scan the customer’s driver’s license in the app. No typing needed!

+ Document damage fully by snapping a picture right on your device.

+ Go contactless to offer convenient (and safe) service.