TSD Toll Connect

Automate Violations

Automate the toll charge process to reduce time spent manually looking up violations at your business. TSD Toll Connect improves your daily operations and gives you control. Simply enable or disable the tolling option when reviewing the customer’s charges. Get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions 

When a toll/violation is received, the date/time of the toll/violation is matched to the time periods of agreements on the vehicle (using the plate) to identify the correct agreement and patron to be charged. 


If a match is found on a patron agreement, then we bill the patron card on file. However, if a match is found on a dealer (non-revenue) agreement, then we bill the dealer. If no match is found, then we bill the dealer.


There are a few situations in which the dealer card is charged.


 1) If the patron card on the matching agreement was charged, but  the patron card was not present or results in a declined charge. 


 2) The matching agreement on record was a Non-Revenue Agreement (Dealer Personnel Use).  


3) The Matching* Agreement on record cannot be found.




If the date in or date out values are changed on the agreement following the receipt of the toll, TSD cannot ensure the accuracy of the application’s matching/charging process. 


Also, any changes to plates assigned to a VIN or the transponders association to VINs (if transponders are being used) in vehicles may result in issues with accurate matching.


TSD estimates that an average of $1,410 is collected monthly for TSD customers who use TSD Toll Connect.  The size of your operation and the number of tolls in your area are two factors that can help you determine whether TSD Toll Connect is the right solution for your business. We bill per VIN to ensure that even smaller operations are able to take advantage of TSD Toll Connect.


TSD has established relationships with Verra Mobility, Tollaid, and others across the United States.  Our team can give you specific information based on your location. We are happy to answer your questions!