On June 1, 2016 legislation which makes it illegal for rental car companies to rent cars with an open recall went into effect. Our TSD Rental customers have the ability to place a “hard hold” on units to prevent a unit from being assigned to reservations and/or agreements.

Within the TSD Rental application the Hard Hold box may be checked to prevent a unit of any status from being assigned to existing reservations, new reservations, walk-up rental agreements and swap/exchange agreements. Additionally, if the unit is on rent when the box is checked, then when the unit is returned or exchanged, a message will be displayed to inform the employee who is performing the return (or exchange) that the unit has been placed on Hard Hold and cannot be rented again.

Our TSD Rental customers have the ability to do a bulk update of units/VINs impacted by Safety Recalls and place a hard hold on those units. We’ll be expanding this feature further by providing additional Hard Hold reasons that are specific to Safety Recall.

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