TSD’s Implementation Team has been busy in the Land Down Under! TSD has recently implemented its cutting-edge rental fleet management software, TSDRENTAL, for two rental car companies headquartered in Australia.

TSDRENTAL allows one of the largest rental operations in Australia to offer its customers expedited, hassle-free experience at the rental counter, and the customers aren’t the only ones who benefit. With TSDRENTAL, rental employees can enjoy an easy-to-use, front-end interface, while management teams can take advantage of the program’s many comprehensive reporting features and analytics.

We are also launching our Motorcycle Rental Management Software for a large manufacturer in Australia. This rental operation will use an integrated suite of TSDREZ for online reservations as well as the TSDRENTAL platform to manage their motorcycle rentals.

TSDREZ is the chosen rate and reservation management solution for thousands of rental locations around the world and delivers millions of reservations to customers each year.

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