In a recent USA Today article, industry watchers warn that even though there is growth and an increase in revenue for rental car companies, the industry could see a rapid and dramatic change if it doesn’t continue to be innovative. TSD is helping the rental industry continuously strive for improvement and innovation to maintain and grow its market share and thwart industry disruptors, such as the increasing popularity of ride-hailing services.

The world of transportation is ever-growing and shifting, and with the advancement of technology comes the desire for convenience and quick-service. TSD’s suite of rental technology is there for its customers, allowing them to stay ahead of the game and grasp opportunities to grow their businesses and attract customers.

TSDREZ, for instance, allows rental car companies quick and easy connections to their new online book channel partners for reservations. TSD customers have recently made direct connections to sources such as CarTrawler, Kayak, and even Skurt, an innovative car rental delivery app.

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