It’s hard to believe 2016 is ending and a new year is beginning.  At TSD we’ve been very busy on the rental team.  A quick glance in the rear view mirror shows a brief snapshot of some of the items worked on in 2016:

— We had 7 product releases in 2016. Each release was full of exciting new features for our customers to utilize.  For example, you can place your vehicles on a Safety Recall hold by doing a bulk update across affected VINs, or by importing a spreadsheet containing those VINs.  Be sure to check out the “What’s New?” section under the Help, TSDRental Help section of the application

— We implemented support for EMV Credit Card Processing through our application. EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) is a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions.

— Several User Interface (UI) changes have been made to help our users navigate our applications easily. For example, inactive buttons will now remain grayed out if they are not selectable, causing less confusion for end users.  We’ve also reorganized fields on the Unit Master Table to address feedback we received on this page.

— As our customers expand globally, our software goes with them. TSD Rental can be found in Rental Offices all over the world, on every continent except Antarctica – we’ll work on that!  Our software is also available in 6 languages.

As 2016 is ending, it’s time to shift gears and keep our eyes focused on the road ahead that is sure to be filled with lots of technological advances.  The driverless car is a reality, voice recognition technology is getting better and better, and mobile devices control every aspect of our lives.  I’m personally excited to see what 2017 brings in terms of new technology for the rental and automotive industry and will keep a close eye on the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which will kick off the new year on January 5th .

For TSD Rental, 2017 promises to be a busier year full of exciting new solutions to improve our customers’ rental operations.  We’re ready and wasting no time.  In fact, our first release of the new year is planned for mid-January.

Stay tuned for more information throughout 2017!

Pina Daniel

Product Manager


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