From booking flights to ordering groceries, your tablet helps you accomplish just about everything. It’s now time to use your mobile device to streamline your fleet operations even further. With our mobile-friendly fleet management solutions, you can expand your business without the usual growing pains.

Here’s 3 reasons why you should implement a mobile solution:

Reduce Customer Wait Time
Easily improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait times, particularly during peak periods. TSD’s fleet management software allows you to process agreements, record damage, and scan vehicles without hassle using any mobile device. You’ll get the five-star Yelp review your business deserves.

• Improve Internal Efficiency
Gain key insight about your fleet utilization data to provide your employees with actionable steps. For instance, OEMs can minimize excessive length of loan by determining slow service throughout the process.

• Eliminate Unnecessary Costs
Customized kiosks, personalized scanner devices, and additional desktops cost companies thousands as they grow their fleet. Using your tablet or phone instead of purchasing separate equipment minimizes your learning curve and saves your business money.

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