If you have more data to analyze than time, you’re not alone. Automotive businesses access an incredible amount of information on their fleet through TSD. From the number of open agreements to the level of fuel in a returned vehicle, determining what data to look at first can be difficult.  Your dashboard is the solution.

All TSD products contain a single dashboard. This visual recap is ideal for busy managers. With just a glance, an individual can pinpoint any problems before they become a serious issue. Dashboards include the following key metrics:

Your dashboard shows the health of your fleet. It acts as your steering wheel, giving you and your team the ability to avoid the potholes that catch even the most efficient fleets.

For instance, a manager who notices a trend of overdue vehicles can look for ways to streamline their internal processes, add more vehicles to their fleet to satisfy demand, or make a greater effort to reach out to customers.

Regularly checking your TSD dashboard allows you to steer clear of costly issues and keep your eyes on the road ahead.



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