From processing toll transactions to documenting damage, completing routine tasks manually takes up an incredible amount of employee time. With TSD’s third-party integrations you can automate your process to save your automotive business from unnecessary busy work.

Here are a few of TSD’s most valuable integrations:

• TSD Fuel Connect with JumpDrive
Keeping track of vehicle mileage and fuel usage starts with TSD Fuel Connect. Our integration with JumpDrive helps improve operational efficiency. Discover how insight into your fleet’s fuel consumption can minimize your costs.


• TSD Toll Connect with HTA
Maintaining a clear and accurate record of toll violations is not an easy task, particularly if you have a large fleet. TSD’s partnership with HTA—the Highway Toll Administration—simplifies the tolling process by eliminating the hassle of collecting paper receipts and tracking violations.


• Acuant Driver’s License Scanning
Typing in a customer’s driver’s license number can take valuable minutes. Rather than entering a license manually, your team can scan licenses with Acuant’s intuitive integration. In seconds, your customer’s data will appear on your mobile device. Don’t wait to expedite the check-in process!


• Record360 Damage Documentation
Documenting damage properly is a necessity for anyone with a loaner or rental fleet. If you fail to properly note damage, your business will be at a greater risk of liability along with increased costs. Record360 enables you to take photos of your vehicles direct from the TSD system.


• PDP Insurance Management
Determining how to handle incidents involving vehicle titles may seem daunting. Fortunately, PDP provides a streamlined process to verify title information and accomplish other related tasks. With a focus on dealerships, PDP provides insurance help tailored to the automotive industry.


• EMV Credit Card Processing
Processing payments securely is critical to earning your customer’s trust. TSD’s integration allows your business to accept transactions from credit cards with an embedded chip. This better guarantees a secure payment and reduces your likelihood of misused credit card information.


Getting started with any of these integrations is easy. Contact to receive more information.

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