TSD Selected By Lexus To Continue To Power The Lexus LCCS Program

January 22, 2021

Lexus has given TSD Mobility Solutions—the market-leading provider of OEM fleet technology—the opportunity to further expand their 15-year relationship with Lexus dealerships through the launch of the new LCCS program. 


As a trusted Lexus partner since 2004, TSD powers 240 Lexus dealerships nationwide and is well-equipped to onboard incoming Lexus locations. TSD has a proven record of success; they manage 17 OEM programs and thousands of car rental companies globally. 

TSD’s Executive Vice President, Shawn Concannon, remarks: “We’re excited to continue to guide Lexus through these evolving times. We have shifted our focus to help dealers interact with their customers in a safe manner during the pandemic.” 





TSD and Lexus took customer experience to the next level during the pandemic. With customers reluctant to leave their homes, the LMS 2.0 app allowed dealers to bring their dealership directly to their customer’s driveway.  A strategic combination of delivery/collection capabilities, direct connect telematics, and remote signatures enabled TSD to create a completely contactless experience. 


For many Lexus dealers, Lexus Direct Connect telematics has prompted new ways of thinking. “I love being able to find all our vehicles instantly,” comments Loan Car Manager, Michelle Stevenson. “We offer Sewell customers courtesy delivery if they are within 5-10 minutes of the dealership. Customers for Life!”


Managers like Michelle can track the real-time location of their vehicles, set up geofence notifications, and monitor mileage as well as fuel costs with incredible precision.  Dealers can get more information about enabling Lexus Direct Connect and other features on the LCCS site.


With dealerships facing unprecedented challenges, Lexus locations continue to explore different ways of using their fleets beyond the traditional courtesy car and reducing operating costs.  The LMS 2.0 platform supports the growth of different mobility options including loaner vehicles, rental cars, extended test drives, car share initiatives, subscription options, and shared fleets.  TSD’s solution also provides an automated way for dealers to recoup fuel expenses and collect toll costs.


About TSD


TSD designs and develops fleet mobility solutions for dealerships, auto manufacturers, public auto groups, and rental companies worldwide. Our solutions are used across 80 countries and six continents.  Every day we help over 8,000 dealerships and 2,500 car rental companies improve their operations.  Many of the metrics, operational patterns, and subsidy patterns used in the industry today were created by the TSD team. For more information on getting started with TSD, contact sales@tsdweb.com or visit www.tsdweb.com.