TSD and Axle Partner to Deliver Instant Insurance Verification

April 2024

TSD, the world’s largest provider of loaner and car rental software, and Axle, the leading universal API for insurance data, have announced a strategic partnership to bring instant insurance verification to dealerships and car rental companies across the US.

This partnership will allow TSD’s 16K car rental and dealership customers to mitigate up to $40,000 of annual unrecovered loss that the average automotive company faces or hundreds of hours spent on the phone verifying insurance due to the lack of access to verified insurance information. Additionally, the Axle integration improves the customer experience by reducing the time customers spend waiting for insurance to be verified and clearing ambiguity on whether they are covered.

Through TSD’s scale, this partnership lays the groundwork to improve risk management across the ecosystem, providing OEMs with another way to protect assets across their entire dealership fleet. TSD’s status as the exclusive provider for 18 OEM mobility programs will help ensure a smooth rollout due to the long-standing corporate relationships already in place.

When asked about Axle, Shawn Concannon, the president of TSD, replied “We’ve known the Axle team for years and, with feedback from our customers, we’ve worked to design an insurance verification experience tailor-made to reduce risks and costs for dealerships and car rental companies while improving the customer experience.”

Both Axle and TSD share a mutual goal of minimizing liability for their clients. Insurance verification plays a major role. Thanks to Axle’s instant connection, verification isn’t an obstacle but an enhancement to the existing mobility process.

Armaan Sikand, co-founder and COO of Axle noted, “Our partnership with TSD allows customers all over the country to cut through the complexity of car insurance and understand their coverage.”


About TSD

TSD designs and develops fleet mobility solutions for dealerships, auto manufacturers, public automotive groups, and rental companies worldwide. Our solutions are used across 92 countries and six continents. Every day we help over 16,000 dealerships and 3,000 car rental companies improve their operations. Many of the metrics, operational patterns, and subsidy patterns used in the industry today were created by the TSD team. For more information on getting started with TSD, contact sales@tsdweb.com or visit www.tsdweb.com.

About Axle

Axle is “Plaid for Insurance” – a universal API for insurance data. With Axle, companies can instantly verify insurance and monitor ongoing coverage, helping them reduce operational costs while creating a frictionless experience for users. Axle is backed by leading investors including Google’s AI-focused venture fund and Y Combinator, and angels from industry leaders like Plaid and Cox Automotive. For more information, please visit https://axle.insure.