Improving CSI Using Mobile Processes

Here at TSD our team provides guidance to thousands of dealerships, auto groups, OEMs and car rental companies around the world. 


When asked what technology makes the biggest difference in improving CSI, the answer is simple: mobile processes. 


Customers expect to do everything from their smartphone. 


From setting up appointments to scheduling vehicle deliveries,  customers want convenience and safety.  By offering mobile options, automotive businesses show they respect their customer’s time and that they’re able to adapt to new ways of doing business. 


A positive experience at a dealership or car rental company means repeat business as well as new referrals!

Going mobile requires a full understanding of your current process.  Here are a few ways to start integrating mobile options into your operation:


  •  Encourage staff to scan drivers’ licenses to save time and move the customer quickly. Once scanned, new agreements will automatically populate with this information.


  • Document damage by snapping pictures with your tablet or phone while completing your standard walk around.


  • Scan QR codes and barcodes using your TSD mobile app to expedite the check-in/check-out of vehicles.


  • Offer contact-less signing, which allows your customer to remotely sign their agreement with just their phone.


  • Schedule pick up and deliveries to and from your customer’s driveway or workplace to ensure an easy, head-ache free experience for your customer.


Don’t be left behind! Put your customer at the center of your operation and go mobile today.