CCP Benefits Business’ Bottom Lines

The magnetic swipe is out. 

And chip cards are in.

EMV credit cards are the new global standard for the payment industry.  This change offers automotive businesses an opportunity to switch to a more secure way of processing customer payments. 

The benefits are clear:


Avoid fraud, liability and chargeback losses. Without EMV, the merchant is liable for all potential chargebacks.


Provide your customers with peace of mind. A chip and pin process shows clients your transactions are secure.


Encourage a seamless experience. Your customer can be in their

rental vehicle in just a few moments.

The vast majority of your customers already have chip technology.  Join the EMV mainstream! 

TSD has partnerships with multiple credit card processors including Tempus Technologies, CenPOS, WindCave, and Stripe. Our team can help you make the transition if you haven’t done so already.