How Dealerships Are Recouping
Toll & Fuel Costs

When analyzing toll and fuel costs, the adage “Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves” has never rung so true.  


Seemingly small, daily expenses related to toll violations and fuel fees can rack up thousands of dollars in costs annually. Businesses without a dependable way of tracking these amounts are in the dark about where their money is going.

Fortunately, connected capabilities now allow dealerships to monitor and recoup fees with incredible precision. 


Using TSD Connect, you can regain control of your expenses.   Here’s how:


  • Automate toll violations to avoid manual processes at your dealership. This saves your staff valuable time from having to research VINs.
  • Invest in telematics capabilities, which track mileage and the amount of fuel used. This enables you to precisely charge the customer every time.

  • Leverage credit card processing to quickly and securely take payment for toll violations, fuel fees, and other related items.