The New Normal: Pickup & Delivery

As we continue to social distance, it’s crucial that automotive businesses incorporate pickup and delivery options into their daily business routines.



SPUD gives dealerships the opportunity to connect with customers who cannot easily leave their house. Using TSD’s mobile app you can bring service loaners or sales test drives to your customer to reduce contact and create a 100% mobile transaction.



Fortunately, bringing the dealership experience right to your customer’s driveway is an easy task.  All you need to do is toggle the “Delivery and Collection” feature “on”, and then add in the correct address.

The intuitive layout of our pickup and delivery options allows any TSD user to get started quickly with a minimal learning curve.  


Although adjusting to a new normal can be daunting, we’re confident dealerships will use this opportunity to offer even more options to their customers going forward.


Our team is here to help. Please contact us with any questions!