December 22, 2020

Toyota Motor North America has announced TSD Mobility Solutions as an approved partner for the Toyota Rent A Car program.

With over 20 years of history and 650 Toyota dealers already successfully using TSD, the decision to formalize the partnership allows dealers to take full advantage of TSD’s rental and reservation platform.

“We are delighted to have TSD—our valued technology partner—working alongside our team to shape our future mobility offerings. For the past two decades, TSD has provided their technology and industry experience to Toyota and our dealers. They’ve been a key partner for TMNA as we’ve launched in vehicle telematics and direct customer mobile app reservations over the past year”, said Paul Rohovsky, Dealer Fleet Manager of Toyota Motor North America. “As an approved vendor, TSD will continue to deliver mobile technology, improve customer satisfaction, and help our dealers grow their business.”

TSD offers the only full end-to-end mobility solution in the marketplace giving dealers the option to explore new mobility opportunities such as loaner vehicles, rental cars, extended test drives, car share initiatives, subscription options, and shared fleets on a single platform.

Additional in-demand features within TSD’s platform include the ability to provide customers with a 100% contactless experience. E-signatures and pickup/delivery capabilities have given Toyota locations a lifeline to their customers during the uncertainty of the pandemic.

TSD’s Executive Vice President, Shawn Concannon, remarks: “We successfully manage 17 OEM loaner and rental programs today and power thousands of dealerships and car rental companies. We will continue to provide great technology and excellent customer service to Toyota Motor North America and Toyota dealers in the new year.”

Building a Better Industry

Throughout 2020, TSD continued to develop innovative solutions despite the raging pandemic. From contactless options to direct connect telematics and automated tolling, TSD remains dedicated to building the best fleet management technology.

TSD’s recent device-free, telematics integration is currently being rolled out across the country. Dealers can track the real-time location of their rental units, set up geo-fence notifications, and monitor mileage as well as fuel costs with incredible precision. Toyota locations have an added option to automate toll fee violations. Making the process simple and easy for dealers has always been a priority.

Since 2001, TSD has been an integral solution for Toyota. TSD was the first to establish a web-based dealer loaner and rental fleet management system in the US, not only to help dealers manage their fleets, but also to provide corporate visibility and control to the OEM.

New TSD users are certainly in good hands. TSD’s extensive industry knowledge and versatile technology ensures Rent a Toyota locations have the tools they need to succeed. With an ongoing relationship with TaraGraphics and Sedgwick Insurance, incoming Toyota locations can rest assured that the TSD ecosystem is developed with their needs at the core of every product.

About TSD


TSD designs and develops fleet mobility solutions for dealerships, auto manufacturers, public auto groups, and rental companies worldwide. Our solutions are used across 80 countries and six continents.  Every day we help over 8,000 dealerships and 2,500 car rental companies improve their operations.  Many of the metrics, operational patterns, and subsidy patterns used in the industry today were created by the TSD team. For more information on getting started with TSD, contact sales@tsdweb.com or visit www.tsdweb.com.