Examining fleet utilization reports can be the highlight of any manager’s day. Although it may sound far-fetched, a fleet can be easily optimized regardless of the size of the operation or the variety of cars offered.

The key is strategic timing.

Managers who understand the fluctuations in their business react quickly to put more loaner vehicles on the road.  The concept is simple, but the execution proves difficult for many.  Confusion over which vehicles are rented and when they are due back leads to headaches and lost profits.  Sound familiar?

Even with a fleet of only ten cars, the task of keeping track is nearly impossible without software. For instance, if you have a young professional who wants a car for eight days and two families who only need the vehicle for three days you might wrongly tell one party the car is unavailable.

Software enables you to coordinate rental times perfectly to provide all your customers with a car while not sacrificing profits.

Your time is worth more than you know!

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