Dealerships started this month with positive news from J.D. Power. According to their recent study, CSI levels increased from 802 points in 2015 to 816 points last year. CSI continues to be an essential metric for businesses in the automotive industry. Increased customer satisfaction is directly linked to higher repeat customers—a main source of revenue for most companies.

If you’re struggling to keep customers happy, the root issue is likely the speed of your service. Customers want a fast process. Even though a repair may be time consuming, checking out a loaner vehicle shouldn’t be. Any delays with opening or closing an agreement will make your customers think twice about choosing you in the future.

From fast food to self-checkout, our society places incredible value on immediate service. The automotive rental and loaner industry is not any different. You must have a fast system to manage your fleet. TSD’s Fleet Management Software streamlines the process. We help you move customers faster with our intuitive platform, mobile-friendly options, and third-party integrations (such as ID scanning). When seconds count, a dependable digital solution is imperative.

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