Why Dealerships Are Entering The Car Rental Industry

Are you a dealership or a car rental company? An emerging trend in the automotive industry suggests you’re likely both. A growing number of dealerships across the United States have begun to open car rental businesses alongside their showrooms. For many, it’s a smart decision. In addition to more revenue, opening a rental business offers

The Case For Your Courtesy Vehicles

After forty minutes of waiting, your customer is antsy. They have flipped through all your magazines, drank all your free coffee, and read through their inbox twice. They’re ready to leave your dealership, but their ride isn’t ready. Difficult car repairs can take an entire afternoon or even days for a service department to complete.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction in the Automotive Industry

Dealerships started this month with positive news from J.D. Power. According to their recent study, CSI levels increased from 802 points in 2015 to 816 points last year. CSI continues to be an essential metric for businesses in the automotive industry. Increased customer satisfaction is directly linked to higher repeat customers—a main source of revenue