After forty minutes of waiting, your customer is antsy. They have flipped through all your magazines, drank all your free coffee, and read through their inbox twice. They’re ready to leave your dealership, but their ride isn’t ready. Difficult car repairs can take an entire afternoon or even days for a service department to complete. Having loaner vehicles is a necessity to retain your customers.

Your courtesy car fleet may seem like a thorn in your side, but these assets are worth far more than you realize. There’s a hidden value to your loaners you likely haven’t considered. Let’s look at your loaner vehicles through a couple different perspectives: sales and marketing.

Every loaner vehicle offers a sales opportunity. A customer in your 2013 model may not realize how much they like the 2018 vehicle until they are behind the wheel. With just a bit of planning, your courtesy vehicle can become an unplanned test drive.

Every loaner vehicle presents a marketing moment. Your brand isn’t just about the banners in your window. Providing a loaner vehicle from a different manufacturer sends the wrong signal. It says you value your competition’s product more than your own. Show the customer why they should be in your vehicle.

Use your loaner cars and manage them efficiently with TSD! With just a drive, they can help you sell more and strengthen your dealership’s brand.

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