Are you a dealership or a car rental company? An emerging trend in the automotive industry suggests you’re likely both.

A growing number of dealerships across the United States have begun to open car rental businesses alongside their showrooms. For many, it’s a smart decision. In addition to more revenue, opening a rental business offers the opportunity to build customer loyalty to the OEM and leverage years of experience managing loaner fleets.

Customers leaving for holiday vacations or business trips often want to drive the make they’re familiar with; the majority wish to have a vehicle that is the same model as the car in their garage or test drive the next model up.  Renting directly from the dealership offers a degree of comfort, which a traditional car rental company may not be able to provide.

If you’re considering opening a car rental company, solutions exist to keep your costs low as you operate multiple businesses simultaneously. Picking a versatile fleet management system is key.  TSD—the leader in the industry—provides technology to a diverse range of customers in the temporary transportation market.   Buying different software from multiple sources is confusing and costly. By centralizing and linking your processes across multiple rooftops with TSD, you streamline your operation from day one.


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