TSD Launches Service Pickup and Delivery

August 2023

TSD, the exclusive mobility software provider for over eighteen OEM programs, released their service pickup and delivery module for the TSD DEALER platform. This recent addition to TSD’s already robust ecosystem will support OEM efforts to create a high-quality dealership experience without ever needing to step foot in the service drive.

“Excellent customer service is all about giving time back to customers in their busy workday or hectic home life,” explained Shawn Concannon, president of TSD. “They are looking for convenience coupled with a digital experience. Our solution will bring the service experience to the customer’s work or home.”

The new module is embedded into the TSD DEALER application, which dealers use to manage their loaner and service rental fleets—thus eliminating the need for two systems. Centralizing the entire process on TSD DEALER’s Operations Dashboard simplifies everyday procedures handled by dispatchers and service staff. Dealerships will benefit from the step-by-step valet driver checklist approach that incorporates all the tasks staff need to consider when introducing pickup and delivery. This intuitive mobile design boosts operational efficiency which positively impacts overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Delivering the Best Experience

Hundreds of thousands of mobility VINs are currently managed on TSD’s platform. The widespread use of TSD’s technology means dealerships can get started with service pickup and delivery without needing to familiarize themselves with a new platform. Removing the learning curve allows dealerships to focus on the benefits of delivery. TSD’s module facilitates communication between the end customer and the dealership. Real-time notifications keep clients informed: the customer is alerted before the driver arrives; the customer receives a text message with the documents they need to sign; the customer is emailed completed agreements. Communication (along with convenience) increases CSI.

The benefits of the new module aren’t just customer-facing. Behind the scenes, dealership personnel have access to specialized features designed to save time by making the most out of every trip. TSD’s system will alert staff if a request for delivery is beyond a reasonable range. This helps avoid high-mileage, time-consuming trips. Similarly, the integrated maps functionality offers suggestions on the best times to complete pickups and route preferences. When launching the module, driver tracking and booking were essential functionalities requested by dealerships. For management, knowing which drivers are on the road and when they are enroute to a destination is key to balancing customer needs with business resources.

Leading the Industry Forward

TSD’s launch of their service pickup and delivery solution is an exciting step forward, and their team continues to innovate to meet the demands of dealership customers and the industry. The TSD team looks forward to presenting their new module during their annual OEM Conference in New Orleans this November.

About TSD

TSD designs and develops fleet mobility solutions for dealerships, auto manufacturers, public automotive groups, and rental companies worldwide. Our solutions are used across 90 countries and six continents. Every day we help over 12,000 dealerships and 3,000 car rental companies improve their operations. Many of the metrics, operational patterns, and subsidy patterns used in the industry today were created by the TSD team. For more information on getting started with TSD, contact sales@tsdweb.com or visit www.tsdweb.com.