TSD and Clutch Technologies Announce Strategic Alliance

TSD (tsdweb.com) and Clutch Technologies (driveclutch.com) have announced a strategic alliance to bring together TSD’s fleet management solutions and Clutch’s leading automotive subscription and consumer mobility platform.  The alliance will enable interoperability between the companies’ technology platforms and will create a wide range of capabilities for the automotive industry.   “Together we will offer best-in-class

The Subscription Supply Chain: Where Do Dealerships Fit?

The subscription model sounds like every driver’s dream come true—the flexibility to switch vehicles as desired without the constraints of a rigid lease. However, as the temporary transportation industry expands, subscription has come under scrutiny. It’s expensive. It’s a liability.  And, yet, there’s incredible potential (along with demand) for this service. At the core, most dealers

7 Tips to Better Run Your TSD Powered Fleet

After decades working in the automotive industry, our team here at TSD has determined seven ways you can more effectively run your fleet. Taking advantage of the tips listed below will help you become an efficient manager as you handle your company’s most valuable assets—your vehicles. Review Daily Business Reports TSD offers high-level reports in all

The Last Decade of Vehicle Ownership?

It’s the end of vehicle ownership as we know it. With the rise in popularity of leasing, ride-sharing/ride-hailing and autonomous vehicles, the decline of individual vehicle ownership is inevitable. Four years ago, the automotive industry passed a pivotal moment when the US Census Bureau published a survey showing that over 90% of households reported having

TSD’s Top 6 Partner Integrations

From processing toll transactions to documenting damage, completing routine tasks manually takes up an incredible amount of employee time. With TSD’s third-party integrations you can automate your process to save your automotive business from unnecessary busy work. Here are a few of TSD’s most valuable integrations: • TSD Fuel Connect with JumpDrive Keeping track of

Why Dealerships Are Entering The Car Rental Industry

Are you a dealership or a car rental company? An emerging trend in the automotive industry suggests you’re likely both. A growing number of dealerships across the United States have begun to open car rental businesses alongside their showrooms. For many, it’s a smart decision. In addition to more revenue, opening a rental business offers

The Case For Your Courtesy Vehicles

After forty minutes of waiting, your customer is antsy. They have flipped through all your magazines, drank all your free coffee, and read through their inbox twice. They’re ready to leave your dealership, but their ride isn’t ready. Difficult car repairs can take an entire afternoon or even days for a service department to complete.

TSD RENTAL 2017 Recap

It feels like I was just recapping 2016, yet here we are at the beginning of 2018 ready for another year full of exciting challenges and opportunities. TSDRENTAL had nine releases in 2017 and we have another eight on deck for 2018.  Our six-week release cadence worked well for us in 2017 and we will

3 Ways Autonomous Vehicles Will Impact Your Automotive Business

Whether the thought of autonomous vehicles fills you with excitement or anxiety, the future of driverless cars is here.  The world’s largest car manufacturers have partnered with top tech companies such as Apple, Intel and Google to drive forward a new era in the automotive industry. The implications are far-reaching. Here’s our list of the

The Data in Your Dashboard

If you have more data to analyze than time, you’re not alone. Automotive businesses access an incredible amount of information on their fleet through TSD. From the number of open agreements to the level of fuel in a returned vehicle, determining what data to look at first can be difficult.  Your dashboard is the solution.